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The mortgage industry has changed a lot over the 20 years but I have found it very exciting and able to help my borrowers navigate through the mortgage process successfully.   I’m with a locally owned mortgage broker that strives to be the best in the industry. Constant communication is the key to being successful.  Quick and thorough pre-approval process allows my borrowers to buy the home of their dreams.  Fast and easy closings.  Flexible hours so my borrowers won’t miss out on their dream home.  This means I work nights’ weekends and holiday!  

Flexible programs include – conventional, FHA, USDA, DSCR and other Non QM loans.  What this means is that I can approve more borrowers than my competition.  One can buy more with Morehouse Mortgage! 

I’ve helped borrowers who were self-employed buy their dream home based on their bank statements instead of tax returns.  Professional investors who want more cash flow can benefit through my DSCR programs.  First time home buyers are guided through the process easily and with little confusion. 

Navigating the mortgage process is a lot like riding down the freeway on a motorcycle…it can be scary the first time but I make it as easy as possible.   My team provides has years of experience and there isn’t a situation they haven’t encountered.  

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