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I specialize in helping small businesses, self-employed, individuals, and families save money with an alternative to COBRA or marketplace health insurance plans with a customized PPO plan solution to fit their needs and budget. I am licensed in a majority of the US and can help clients find affordable health coverage will allowing them to participate in a PPO network.

I am not all about the sale. Clients needs ALWAYS come first. My first and foremost priority is educating and providing the client with the knowledge to allow THEM to choose the best plan that fits their needs and budget.

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Gary was awesome to work with. Both my wife and I are self-employed, and were going to have to sign up for Obama Care this year. My wife meet Gary through a small business networking group, and he set up a appointment to meet with us at our house to discuss our options. Long story short, we were able to get a Cigna PPO (yes, they still exists!!!) with much better coverage, detectable, additional accidental insurance built in, etc. for the same price or better then what it was going to cost the both of us through Gary went above and beyond, answering all our questions and explaining in detail all of our options, price points, etc. Needless to say our experience with Gary and USHealth Group was 5 Star! If you’re self-employed or own your own business, give Gary a call!

Troy Strauss

One of my clients had a horrible experience with their Obamacare provider and coverages. They decided not to carry insurance at all. Gary was introduced to them and not only did he give them a cheaper plan but he gave them a plan with much lower deductibles and it was a PPO. I would recommend Gary Fisher to anyone that is unhappy with their current coverage or they are tired of high premiums and outrageous deductibles. Thank you Gary!

Laura Vazquez

Owner, Creekside Risk Solutions

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