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NSC Information Technology Group is a Houston based company that has the skill sets and knowledge base in the most highly desired IT services that organizations need today


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NSC I.T. Group: Your Virtual I.T. Department

Looking for robust IT solutions in the Houston area? Say hello to NSC I.T. Group, your virtual IT department! We understand the struggle small and medium-sized businesses face when it comes to managing IT infrastructure. That’s why we’ve stepped in to take the burden off your shoulders.

Forget the traditional break-fix approach. We’re all about being proactive, not reactive. Our Managed IT services allow us to monitor, anticipate, and solve problems before they strike. We ensure your network runs optimally through proper maintenance, patching, and updating – all at an affordable rate and at your convenience.

What sets us apart? Partnership! At NSC, we’re not just another service provider. We are your ally in business success, understanding your specific goals, and aligning IT solutions to achieve them. Whether it’s consulting or tech support, we provide the expertise, tools, and guidance to pave your path to the future.

From preventing unnecessary processes that clog your network to scheduling essential maintenance during non-intrusive times, we’re committed to maximizing efficiency and minimizing expenses. Our customized support plans let you focus on what really matters – growing your business.

Got it done quickly & effectively.
Great communication and I am very happy with the service they provided.

- Sue Smith

Got it done quickly & effectively.
Great communication and I am very happy with the service they provided.

- John Smith

Why We Excell

Our Philosophy

NSC Information Technology Group services small to enterprise size companies. No longer is IT support limited to Fortune 500 groups; as we push forward into the new technology-centric world, it is vital that smaller companies implement efficient and reliable infrastructure to remain competitive.

Our Experience

NSC Information Technology Group is a Houston-based network support and development company. Our employees are certified network engineers who specialize in managed IT services that are important to small and medium-sized companies.

Our Vision

NSC I.T. strives to be  a dynamic team that is loyal to the needs of our clients and to be the essential force behind the success of our clients’ Information Technology needs. We aim to deliver personalized solutions, timely services, and ongoing technical guidance that result in a trusting relationship.

Unlock A World of Endless Possibilities

Managed IT Services and Consulting

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Cyber & Network Security Support
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Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
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Cloud Integration Services
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Project Management
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Audio/Video Conferencing
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Computer Forensics
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Structured Cabling
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About Us

NSC Information Technology Group has been the leading Network Integrator providing Information Technology (IT) Solutions for small to enterprise size businesses since 2000. NSC Information Technology Group helps clients define and develop IT goals and strategies; then provides the integration, implementation and the support necessary to achieve them. The goal has been to deliver complete IT solutions that integrate best-of-breed products based on field experience and observation, combined with dependable network technical support. At NSC, we stay in stride with the progress of information technology to continuously support our clients with well-positioned solutions that will last into the future.

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