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I help you evaluate if zero down solar is right for you and saving you thousands of dollars!
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I am married to a beautiful lady  and have  5 boys, one still still at home and in High School.  I love travelling and singing in my church choir and spending time with my family. I first became interested in a clean environment while I was in college and ever still then did my part to help keep the earth clean.

Since joining Powur as a solar consultant I made it my mission to help one million home homes convert to clean solar energy by 2030 with the help of my expanding team there by doing my part for a cleaner world.
The benefits of clean solar power are truly awesome, let me list some:

1.  an homeowner can save from 10% to 50% per month on their electric bill right away.
2. homeowner can switch to solar for zero down, so no money out of pocket
3. You get an immediate increase in your home value average 4 to 5%   this is huge
4. You become energy independent and stop relying on some faraway power company
5. you get 100% clean green energy from the sun,
6.  You get a Federal income tax credit, a nice refund.
So right now we are offering a Free Personalized Saving report that shows all the facts of your saving.

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