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Steve left the corporate world in August 1992 and launched his first business in January 1993.  Since then Steve has been a successful, multiple, franchisee since 2000, and a small business advisor for 14 years with a local community college.
In 2022, Steve decided to start a franchise advisory business to assist other franchisees (and or’s) with their business success strategy.  Steve has started, grown, bought and sold businesses since beginning in 1993.
One thing Steve has learned since being a franchisee is that just because you are a franchisee doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be successful.  Whether you are just evaluating a franchise, a new franchisee or want to take your franchise to the next level, we should visit.
Steve and his wife are empty nesters with 3 grandchildren.  They live and work in the Houston area and enjoy traveling, college football and entertaining, et. al.

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Steve Hamilton is an artist in life and running & growing businesses.With many years of business ownership experiences, Steve knows how to help your business to be successful.

In my personal experience, it amazed me knowing someone really cares and wants to help even when I didn’t ask for it.  During a visit recently, Steve kindly pointed out one thing that would be great to add into my “commercial”. It was simple, easy to apply, good for the marketing and great to grow the business.
The next day Steve also wrote me a suggested commercial to include what he mentioned during our previous visit. It was a surprise!
I love how Steve cares about small businesses, especially franchisees. He understands where the franchisee comes from and he wants to see you succeed.  If you have a business you want to grow, get with Steve Hamilton; even just for a simple chat, you will understand what I mean! 
Selina G

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In 2008 when I decided to explore my options for a new career, or business ownership, I called Steve Hamilton to walk me through the steps to make an informed decision. I decided to become a business owner, and even though I had little experience with running my own business, Steve was there to advise and guide me through the early years. His advice helped me achieve my goals for the business and my personal goals as well. He has been a trusted resource and sounding board, and I highly recommend Steve to anyone looking for assistance in starting/growing a business, purchasing one, or planning your exit strategy. 

Dawn C

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